The Health Benefits Of Green Tea

January 20, 2015

So I have been studying for my exams and most of y’all know how much focus and energy it takes to study day in and day out for weeks. During that time I look for healthy natural foods and beverages that can boost my energy and concentration level. I like to eat alot of fruit and veggies and drink alot of water. What I’ve started to drink more and more of in 2014 till now is green tea.  I drink about 2 large cups of green tea a day + 2liters of water. I do add a little raw honey to my tea instead of sugar because honey is alot sweeter than sugar but contains less calories, so you’ll need less honey than sugar to sweeten up your tea.

Green tea is very beneficial to your health.

1) Green tea aids in losing weight and lowers your risk to become obese,
2) It lowers your risk of various types of cancer,
3) It kills bacteria. Which helps improve your dental health. (Honey is antifungal so adding this to your tea is ideal),
4) It increases fat burning,
5) It boosts your energy.

So the next time you’re looking for something to boost your energy while being beneficial to your health, turn down that cup of coffee or energy drink and sip some green tea.


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