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November 8, 2015

Like most women I’ve always shaped my brows by using tweezers or scissors. I’ve never had the best eyebrows especially when I was around 14/15 years old. We’ve all had either extremely thin brows or extremely thick brows. Well I’ve had both. In the past year I’ve been really happy with my brows when they were filled in with a little make-up. My only goal now was to have beautiful brows without all the make-up. So I decided to put down the tweezers and let my brows grow in for 4 weeks.

With that being said I made an appointment at the House Of Brows which is owned by the oh-so beautiful and talented Myriam Ayari.

house-of-brows1 house-of-brows

When I got there I got greeted with a warm welcome and a huge smile which made me feel really comfortable and at ease. The place is quite small but really beautiful and cosy and decorated with warm neutral colors which I absolutely love.

I chose to get my eyebrows threaded and shaped (no make-up). She used the thread to create the shape and used a pair of scissors and tweezers to put the finishing touches on my brows and voila! Perfectly high arched brows under 15 minutes!

Getting your eyebrows done can be very painful and awkward but this wasn’t the case at all and it only costs €15 to get this done.

So if you’re in Antwerp and looking to get your eyebrows on fleek you should definetly check out the House Of Brows. You can find everything you need on Facebook, Instagram or

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