How I treat my eczema

March 12, 2016

Winter equals harsh weather. It’s very windy, rainy and these factors are just a no-go when you’re dealing with eczema. For some reason this year my skin got even worse but I was recommended a few things that actually help and I decided to share these with you guys.

I hate to break it down for you, but if you’re like me and you love hot showers I’m going to have to tell you to stop that. Lukewarm water is better for you. Hot showers get rid of your skin’s natural defense against dryness and irritations. So your skin is more prone to eczema, psoriasis, dandruff, etc..

To shower I use the Deeply Nourishing Body Wash by Dove or the Natural Oil by Nivea. This is how I moisturize and cleanse my skin in the shower at the same time. My skin has improved so much since I’ve been using these.

To moisturize my skin, I use the Mango Body Butter or the Coconut Body Butter by The Body Shop. These are made for people with very dry skin and contain natural ingredients. They’re extremely moisturizing and easy to apply to the skin. I apply this directly after I’ve showered.450

When my skin does get really itchy I apply a cream with cortizone.
I tend to grab Cortizone 10
but any cream with cortizone will do. Apply a thin layer on the area and it will soothe your
skin after a minute or two.



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