Face Of Life: Silk Saviour shampoo & conditioner | Review

March 26, 2017

If you’ve been keeping up with me through my blog, social media or YouTube channel you would’ve heard me talk about Face Of Life on many occasions. Well it’s time to talk about this amazing black owned business.

Life (yes that is her real name) is the only hairstylist that I trust to come near my hair. My first appointment with Life was on March 28th 2016. That is the day that I had my first trim and silk press. You can read all about it in a previous post I wrote about my experience called “The Perfect Silk Press On Natural Hair | @FaceOfLife“.

She has her own product line which you can find on While she was washing my hair she used the Silk Saviour shampoo & conditioner on my hair and I fell in love.

The shampoo contains amazing ingredients. The Tea Tree, Eucalyptus, Chamomile and Lavender oil stimulates hair growth and fights dandruff. Thanks to the bilberry and nettle extract my hair looks very shiny and is very moisturized after using this shampoo. Let’s not forget the scent! It smells and feel soo good. My scalp feels cool and tingles a bit, which is very nice.



The conditioner is very easy to work through you hair. It’s very nourishing and hydrating, has great slip so it’s perfect for detangling. This product contains vitamin E and argan oil. You can also use this as a deep conditioner or keep it in your hair overnight. The conditioner smells sweet and fresh. Love it!

Another reason why I love these products is because the shampoo and conditioner prepare your hair for thermal styling as well. WINNING!

You can get both products in different sizes online on The prices start from £14.99.

Curious to see how I use these products? Head over to my YouTube channel and check out my wash day routine.


*Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored.


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