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Starting new habits to better yourself..

April 22, 2018

As I am typing this while I listen to 2Pac’s Changes and enjoying this sun on this glorious Sunday I want to start week 17 of 2018 with some new, positive habits. Our generation is really focused on social media and the perception others have on how we feel, how we look, what we do and who we are about. Instead, we should be focusing on our own mental and physical health, our own goals and our own reality. I personally would like to be more mindful of what I see or hear and educate myself even more. These are the following things I would like to add to my daily/weekly self-care routine:

1. No social media in the morning – I already deleted a few but Instagram still takes up some of my time in the morning.
2. Meditate/pray and stretch each morning for at least 10 minutes before I start to get ready for work
3. Read more self-improvement books. Currently trying to finish “In the meantime” by Iyanla Vanzant and “The Wait” by Devon Franklin and Meagan Good
4. Exercise more than 3 times a week.
5. Go to sleep before 11 p.m.
6. Focus on my wants and needs

Which old habits are you kicking to the curb?


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