How I take care of my ginger hair

May 22, 2015

I’m a redhead, a redhead. A gingerhead  to be exact!

After having black hair for a really long time I really felt like I needed a change. I was really fed up with my boring hair and I was not planning on dyeing my natural hair. So I decided to go lighter with my brazilian hair from PinkbowShipping.

Since I’m blessed with so many hairstylists in my family I didn’t have to spend €100+ to get my hair done. The plan is to go lighter overtime since I don’t want my hair to get severly damaged and dry. The day before I got my hair done I deep conditioned it with the Ultra Doux hairmask by garnier. On the first day she did the balayage technique with 20 vol developer to lighten the hair. On the second day we added professional hair dye to the hair and voila..The gingerhead is born.

Care for ginger hair

Everyone knows that bleaching and dyeing can leave your hair feeling dry and brittle. That’s why I make deep conditioning a very important part of my haircare routine.


I shampoo my hair with the Ultra Doux shampoo by Garnier and deep condition with the silverising conditioner by Osmo. This is a purple conditioner that will lighten my hair gradually.
I also use the Ultra Doux hair mask every other week. After washing all of that out my hair I spray it with the Strength and Shine Leave-in Conditioner by Creme of nature.

This makes my hair feel übersoft and moisturized!

I will probably go lighter in the summertime but I’m in love with it and it’s perfect for now..

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