Burgers, fries and goodbyes

June 5, 2015

Last weekend I had dinner at De Burgerij with my co-workers. It’s a nice burger restaurant located at the docks and near the MAS in Antwerp which is a great and beautiful location.

We had a table on the ‘XL’ floor of the restaurant which is a floor for groups only.


I order a burger called ‘El sombrero’ , a Martini and a Coke. The burger was inspired by Mexico and I love Mexican food so when I saw that on the menu I didn’t want to look any further I had made my choice. El Sombrero was made out of a homemade chicken burger, melted Cheddar, salad, tomatoes, salsa verde, red union, guacamole and sour cream. *hearteyes* sooo delicious!



When we ordered our second round of drinks they served our soda in jam drinking jars. That was quite cute and unique since I haven’t seen in it in restaurants in Belgium.

I had a really nice evening with everyone and the staff was really nice and helpful despite a few hiccups. I definetly will be going back with my friends on one of my cheat days.



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