Make your nail polish last up to a week

February 3, 2016


So I’ve been used to getting my nails done with shellac and gel for years now. I recently added up how much I spend in a year on getting my nails done.. and guys I was shocked *sigh* I spend almost €400 on my nails only *covers ears* Yikes!

I decided to save my coins and get back on the d.i.y route by doing my own nails. I recently bought a nail lacquer by OPI called ‘uh-Oh roll down the window”. It’s a khaki green color which I absolutely love. I’ve been wanting to get this color for a while now and I got it for only €6 instead of €15, which I was happy about cause I’m a girl who loves a good discount.

To also help me get my nails back to their original healthy state I bought Herôme’s Nail Hardner which I used for my base and topcoat.

Here’s how I do my manicure at home which lasts me at least a week:

  1. wash your hands to get rid of all the oils and unwanted dirt
  2. clip and file your nails to your liking
  3. apply a thin coat using Herôme’s Nail Hardner
  4. apply a coat of your desired nail polish
  5. repeat step three & four
  6. Finish it up by applying a clear topcoat of your choice or Herôme Nail Hardner

Don’t forget to let each coat dry before applying a new coat, dipping your fingernails in ice cold water helps to speed up the drying time. Remember the ticker the layers, the longer it takes to dry.

This process takes about 2 hours. If you’re in a rush you can do it in two days, as long as you end with a topcoat you’re good to go.  If you follow these steps I can guarantee that you won’t have to keep doing your nails every two days.

I hope this helps you to save some time and alot of coins!


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    Im deffo going to try this! I spend so much on getting my nails done! x

  • Reply Valentine’s day on a budget | Ms Valencia Luis February 11, 2016 at 4:48 pm

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