Yes, people with darker skin need sunscreen too

July 27, 2016

People of color have a natural SPF of 13 which does not mean that we don’t have to wear sunscreen. Forget about that ongoing myth that dark skin is immune to skin cancer. Skin cancer is harder to find on darker complexions and by the time that it’s discovered it may have developped. Besides that, not wearing sunscreen can burn your skin, trust me, it happens, I’ve been there done that.

So yes, we need sunscreen too!

Although brown skin has a natural SPF of 13, it is still far below the level of SPF-protection you need. As mentionned on Buzzfeed you need to make sure you buy a sunscreen with SPF30 or higher.

Along with finding sunscreen with the right amount of  spf comes finding a sunscreen that doesn’t make you look like you rubbed some babypowder all over your body. I would recommend sheer sunscreens like the one I have from L’oréal called Sublime Sun SPF 50 Invisible Protection Sunscreen and other ones recommended by fellow bloggers and youtubers.

According to, you need to look for two types of active ingredients in a sunscreen. These determine the effectiveness of the product.

“There are two main types of active sunscreen ingredients: chemical and physical. Chemical ingredients such as avobenzone and benzophenone,work by absorbing UV, reducing its penetration into the skin, whereas physical ingredients such as titanium dioxide and zinc oxide stay on top of the skin anddeflect UV rays. Many sunscreens available today combine chemical and physical ingredients.”

Go to or to learn more.  Watch the videos below to see how you can use sunscreen on your body and under make-up as well.


Remember to take care of your skin to make sure that black don’t crack!

Autograph Blog Ms Valencia Luis

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