Falling in love with satin

May 11, 2017

For a long time I didn’t understand the whole hype around satin. It’s never been a comfortable fabric for me to wear. I never understood how people could sleep on satin sheets and in satin dresses. This fabric was only good for one thing in my mind: headwraps. That was until I accidently ordered this blazer to wear to my birthday dinner. When I ordered it I didn’t pay close attention to the name or fabric of the item. I knew it would be made out of a special fabric but not satin so imagine my surprise. Since I’m too lazy to send things back, I just hung it in my closet, hoping to fall in love with it ASAP.

Boy oh boy, I fell in looooovvee!

I didn’t know how to style it at first so I decided to keep it simple.

Blazer – Missguided / Missguided
Bag – Zara
Jeans  – Bershka
Shoes – Zara (old collection)
Sunglasses – Zara (last summer collection)
Watch – Komono


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