Let’s taco bout it: Pulled, Antwerp’s Taco Bar | Review

June 6, 2017

If you’ve read some of my food posts you will know that I’ve always been a fan of Mexican food. From fajitas to nachos, I love it all.

I’ve had amazing tacos before but never in my hometown Antwerp. So you can imagine my excitement when social media led me to a brand new restaurant specialized in tacos, Pulled.

This weekend I had the chance to drag my best friend with me to give this new restaurant a go and boy-oh-boy, we were not disappointed!


Pulled in!

We were greeted with a huge smile by one of the staff members which immediately made us feel welcome and really comfortable. He took the time to elaborate on the food and drinks while mentioning something amazing. FREE WATER! This might not mean a lot to some people but unlike the United States, we have to pay for water in restaurants. So this is a winning situation for a girl like me who can drink up to 500 ml in one sitting LOL.

A full blown Mexican feel

When we were walking up to the restaurant we couldn’t help but notice how beautiful the patio is. I already knew that inside would look amazing.

The interior of this restaurant is gorgeous. It has a lot of earthy tones with green being the pop of color. The small marble tables, the white accent walls and the pop of color keep the room light, bright and airy.

We also had a mural painting of General Garcia to keep us company.

Tacos for two!

After we sat down at our window seat table we immediately filled our glasses with water and the staff member brought out this delicious cocktail my friend ordered called ‘Dark and Horny’. It’s a dark spiced rhum created by Ron de Jeremy served with Fever Tree ginger beer. I had a little taste of it and I only have three words for it: delicious, sweet and refreshing.

Let’s move on to the tacos and the side dishes.

My best friend ordered the Chick’n tacos with a side of cripsy Potato served with delicious chipotle mayo, sesame and chimichurri.

I ordered one of my favorites, pulled pork tacos with a mixed salad.

Our food tasted so good guys! We kept on saying how glad we were to have ended up at Pulled for dinner. The taco shells were lightly fried so they were not too soft or too crunchy. The filling had a lot of flavor and texture and the chili in the salad made everything come together. I really enjoyed it!

I had a little taste of the potatoes as well. They were crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside as it should be and let’s not forget about that sauce! The chipotle mayo with sesame and chimichurri was AH-mazing. My taste buds couldn’t get enough of it. Pulled, if you’re reading this, can you please start selling little jars of this goodness? Thanks!

Don’t be limited to the sauces that are served with your dishes. Pulled has a wide range of sauces ready to add some more spice to your life and food of course. My favorite was the Chile Habanero Hot Sauce. It’s sweet but very spicy! You’ve been warned.

Make sure to stop by Pulled whenever you’re in Antwerp city. They are located on Suikerrui 8, 2000 Antwerp. Check them out on Facebook, Instagram or




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